Automated Vestibular Testing

Help Your Patients Stay On Their Feet


> 33% of all seniors will fall this year

> Inner Ear Disorders are the leading cause of dizziness and falls

> Over 69 million men and women in the US suffer from vestibular dysfunction (inner ear disorders)

> Patients that suffer from vestibular dysfunction are typically asymptomatic

> Effective treatments exist for vestibular dysfunction when correctly diagnosed


> Reimburses $200 or $500 Per Patient

No Insurance Pre-Authorization

> Complete Diagnostic Evaluation of Ear, Brain and Eye

> Test Takes Just 15 Minutes

> Report / Results Printed Immediately 

> Administered In Office / No Specialized Technician Required


Our solution is a Simple, Effective and Affordable process to screen and test your Patients.

The VAT ENG Combo is now faster (10-15 minutes) and easier to use. This will result in the ability to test all qualified patients, especially seniors at risk for falls. With our screening questionnaire, 50-60% of all seniors can now be tested, and, most importantly, successfully treated for vestibular dysfunction, resulting in decreased falls and resolution of dizziness symptoms.

Vestibular therapy is 90% effective at fixing the problem the problem, according to the Mayo Clinic. It is eye exercises which recalibrate the signal the inner ear sends to the brain to move the eye correctly.

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