Diabetes Care MD

The Diabetes Care MD is a turn key program that positions practices as a Diabetes Prevention Practice.

The program is modelled off the NDPP and CDC guidelines and is in line with what top university hospitals are doing.

Improving patient outcomes.

Achieves Quality measures.

Reduces risk of developing diabetes by 58%

The Diabetes Care MD Program Supports Your Practice In 4 Ways:


We support your practice to be positioned as a Diabetes Prevention Practice recognized by the CDC. Following NDPP Guidelines your practice will have everything it needs to help prevent, reverse or delay diabetes and keep your patients in house.


Proprietary software is used to prequalify patients for the program and to manage the treatment, education and weight loss aspects of the program.


We safeguard program success with complete onsite training to ensure all your staff are fully trained, from the front desk staff to practitioners. This component is key to practice success in becoming a Diabetes Prevention destination.


A suite of innovative, quick to use and reimbursable diagnostics are included that will aid in the early detection of damage and cardiometabolic risk. These tools are used to help monitor patient progress and provide objective information related to patient success. Several devices also help directly achieve Quality Measures.

The Protocol

Provides a robust toolkit and platform for early detection and reversal of patients at risk for diabetes. Our program helps identify, diagnose, treat and monitor patients to achieve a 58% reduction in the onset of diabetes.

The protocol is designed to increase patient awareness and motivation and provide physicians the tools needed to effect real change in a patient.

Our treatment system has almost a decade of patient successes. When combined with ongoing assessments, the patient stays informed of their health, assisting with patient education and motivation.

This program drives down overall health care expenditure, while channeling more of the revenue to your practice. Many practices use an annual A1C and then refer out at risk patients. Our program helps retain patients and grow revenue in your practice. Furthermore, other testing methodologies are used for a more complete patient assessment including identification of Cardiometabolic Risk.

Our program can also help channel suitable patients direct to your practice.

The program is largely covered by commercial payers and CMS allowing many patients to qualify for the program and make it affordable.

If you are looking for a way to reinvigorate your patients, practice and you, the Diabetes Care MD program can do just that. Good for patients, good for business. Enrolling just 10 patients per month can generate significant revenue.

Position your practice as a Diabetes Prevention Practice and put a dent in diabetes.