A telehealth solution built for physicians that increases practice efficiencies, revenues and helps you compete in the digital health market.

Offer Your Patients

Convenience and Comfort

Doctor’s offices need to fulfill patients’ demand for new digital appointments such as telehealth. Video telehealth has allowed patients to say goodbye to the waiting room and add much more time to their busy schedules. Physicians who are able to accommodate Millennials’ Generation Z’s and busy professional’s need for convenience will win without expensive real estate.

 The patient experiences aren’t the only added value. Physicians are provided more revenue, operational efficiencies which have led to an overall better work-life balance.  A better physician experience drives a better patient experience. With payers now promoting the usage and billable codes similar to in-person visits, it’s time now to get your medical practice group ahead of the curve.

– Carrie Chitsey, CEO One Touch Health
It’s not a matter of IF to implement video telehealth, it’s a matter WHEN your patients will demand it.


Choose us?

Most practice groups don't have a dedicated telehealth resource, and it can be confusing to know where to start.

One Touch Telehealth makes it easy to implement, with no IT resources, no hardware or software to purchase. If you need a quick start pathway to increased revenue and operational efficiencies, we can help beyond just being your video telehealth provider.

Increasing physician adoption of telehealth is successful when you show them how it increases the physician experience, work/life balance, proactive care management with patients and drives an increase in patient satisfaction.

Increase Revenue?

Increase billable revenue

Increase physician experience

Provide home health and facility support without windshield time

Don't lose patients to retail clinics and B2C telehealth platforms

Well suited to behavioral health and substance abuse

How it works:

Identify appointment types suited to telehealth

Use existing EHR and scheduling for new appointment type

Acquire and market to new patient types

Expand your footprint beyond 4 walls

Add telehealth in less than 2 minutes

Bill and retain 100% of the reimbursement

Patient Benefits:

Provide convenience for appointments

Reach and acquire new patient demographics

Increase patient outcomes with proactive care

Provide access to rural areas

Start-up and

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is quick and simple. Start with a platform demonstration so you can see how easy it is,

Sign up for your account online

Complete the implementation form

Get acces to the platform in 24-48 hours

Frequently Asked


Q: Why do I need Telehealth?

Patients are driving the need for on demand health care. They are often time poor and have little time to travel and wait in doctor's offices. Patient's also miss appointments because of inability to get to a practice. Offering Telehealth allows your practice to avoid losing patients to Retail Clinics and other telemedecine providers.

Q: How do I bill for Telehealth Services?

Medicare (Part B) pays for specific services provided through telecommunications as a substitute for an in person encounter. A GT modifier code must be used for Federal payers and a 95 for commercial insurances. Check your state and individual insurances for more information. Medicaid is one of the better advocates for telemedicine because of the difficulty in access to care in this patient group.

Q: What states can I practice?

As long as you are licensed to practice in that state, then you should be able to provide services in that state regardless of where you are physically located. Many states have reciprocity. Check with the governing state for any specific requirements.


– Todd Unger, CEO and SVP of Physician Engagement, AMA
"Recognizing the need to treat patients remotely, is driving the conversation..."
Behavioral Health
– Peter Loeb, CEO Lionrock Recovery
"...just under half of our clients said that they were unlikely or very unlikely to use a brick and mortar treatment to get help in a traditional setting"
General Practice
– Dr. Chen
"Technology is a big deal. In our organization it's a tremendous enabler. It provides the ability to improve patient outcomes."
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