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The reputation of your practice impacts all your marketing including referrals. Even after referral by a friend or family member, most referees will search online to find information about the business.

Additionally, patients are putting their hand in their own pocket more and more for their healthcare and want to know that they are making the best decisions when selecting their provider.

Searches include reading online reviews, the business website and social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you were searching for a business which would you choose? One with multiple 5 star reviews, one with no reviews or one with mixed reviews?

Managing your reputation is fast becoming the most effective way to market your practice.

– Dr Laura T.
Working with, I have noticed that my online presence has drastically improved and that I'm getting even more new patients from the Internet- I highly recommend this company.


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Reputation marketing means getting your practice known for being ahead of the competition.

Working with Reputation Marketing means making your practice more visible online, building your reputation with good reviews, providing a competitive edge over neighboring businesses and convenience to the patient. Our solution provides a seamless platform that delivers all this.

Once you have established a good reputation, effective marketing becomes much easier!

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Let your reputation speak for itself by attracting quality reviews.

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Frequently Asked


Q: I already have good referrals, does this matter?

Even if you have a good referral base, 81% of patients will still read revies on a provider, even after being referred. Word of mouth, peer type reviews are the most reliable form of referral.

Q: Most of my patients are over 60.

Everyone is looking for reviews. Many baby boomers are tech savvy and will check online reviews before making decisions.

Q: What do I get?

Reputation marketing helps digitize your practice with 45% of people preferring to use digital methods to make appointments. You can also reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations with appointment reminders. 

You will also collect 5 star reviews that allow your practice to get ahead of your competition in online presence.



Truly winning in any strategy around consumerism is about effectively managing data. From provider and location biographical data to patient satisfaction and online reputation information, having a single platform to empower the myriad channels and processes in which this data is used will be a defining trait of the most powerful healthcare brands of the future. This will allow us to fully empower patients, connecting them with the right doctor while actually making healthcare better with insights previously hidden inside data silos.

– NRC Survey 2016
82% of people believe that the healthcare industry should consistently meet or exceed their expectations as a consumer, compared to just 46% in retail.
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