Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Support your patient accountability, track their at-home exercise remotely, and get paid for it.



Patients get better faster when they do their at-home exercises, however only about 35% of patients fully adhere to their care plans. Accountable care supports patients to do their exercises between appointments. Until now, this has been difficult or impossible to measure, relying on the word of the patient or caregiver.



Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) is a new code that has been added to Medicare that allows Physical Therapists to monitor patient exercise remotely. RTM is measured through a technology enabled wearable device that measures patient pressure, gait and flexibility using pressure sensing and accelerometry. Can be used pre- and post-surgery with any patient who could benefit from RTM. Medicare reimburses the code in the same way Remote Patient Monitoring is paid.

The Benefits

+ PRACTICE: Objective data, monitor and support patient between visits.

+ PATIENT: Real time feedback, home use, better compliance, and recovery.


+ Patients are enrolled into the program.

+ Practice helps set the patient up with their devices that they take home.

+ Data is automatically sent to the platform software.

+ In office staff monitor data.

Next Steps

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