Remote Patient Monitoring

Sally™: The New Way of Caring

“Digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to healthcare providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations."
  • Remote patient monitoring is about moving more healthcare out of traditional settings and into the home and where people live, work, and play every day.

  • It’s about using technologies to bridge that space between the traditional physical setting of healthcare, and where people really want to live every day.

  • In simple terms, RPM is a device that collects patient data and transmits it via the internet to a medical database.

  • The collected data allows a physician to monitor changes in patient vital signs and act accordingly

Sally™ Is At The Forefront Of Innovation

  • Sally™ provides physicians/practices with the ecosystem for Remote Patient Monitoring excellence.

  • Sally’s™ proprietary Platform provides best-in-class Remote Patient Monitoring experience.

  • Tech-enabled solutions create a positive patient experience that drives engagement, while our site-based portal solution creates efficiencies for healthcare professionals and our care team staff.

  • Sally’s™ technology meets with applicable data security and privacy guidelines.

Sally™ For Providers

Sally™ manages chronic and acute patients between visits

  • Access to near real-time patient data

  • Aggregates data for enhanced patient management

  • Tracks actionable data longitudinally for all readings

  • Reports on physiological parameters

  • Ensures adherence to billing requirements for 99453, 99454, 99457 & 99458

  • New revenue stream for your practice!

Sally™ For Patients

Intuitively focuses patients on personal testing and medication management.

Engages patients increasing protocol adherence.

Automatically collects and transmits physiological data from Bluetooth enabled devices.

Sally™ For Families

Informs family of patient’s progress towards clinical  goals.

Allows family to motivate patient and increases family comfort, knowledge & reduces anxiety.

Gives family data to interface with providers when needed.

How To Get Started

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