Physicians Hearing Network

Improve patient outcomes by offering Hearing Services in-office with a turnkey solution.


As many as 1 in 8 people are impacted by hearing loss and it is listed as the 3rd most prevalent condition in older Americans with nearly 50 million affected. Hearing loss can occur from a variety of reasons including chemotherapy, medications and diabetes.

Additionally, low frequency hearing loss has been associated with risk of cardiovascular events, stroke and an increased risk of falls as well as reduced quality of life.


Practice: There is no expense to the practice for this turnkey, revenue generating opportunity. This service will also provide a point of difference, round out patient care and improve practice loyalty. 

Patient: Convenience of readily available proactive screening allows for early treatment and improved quality of life.


Our solution is a full turnkey model that offers free hearing tests and affordable hearing aid options for patients. The practice benefits from increased revenue and integrated patient care. The Hearing Services Provider rents a room in the practice on a weekly basis. The practice refers patients for hearing testing and suitable hearing aids are offered based on patient needs and budget.


> Hearing Network rents an exam room in your office one or more days per week and conducts free hearing evaluations.

> A licensed and insured Hearing Services Provider is placed in your practice.

> All equipment and hearing aid services are provided. 

> Refer patients for hearing testing.

Next Steps

> Determine space availability 1 or more days per week

> Complete Practice Questionnaire

> Eligibility determined

> Decide on day(s) to provide service

> Refer patients for hearing screening