myTAP Sleep Apnea

A Proven & Effective Technology for Better Sleep

The myTAP Concept

> The myTAP is a simple, patient-friendly treatment for snoring* and sleep apnea.

>The design is based on the most effective oral appliance on the market, the TAP™, which is clinically proven in over 32 independent peer reviewed studies to treat snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

> The unique trays of the myTAP are made from an innovative plastic that when heated becomes soft and can be molded to the teeth at the time of fitting.

> If re- heated, the trays will return to their original shape and can be refitted.

Why choose myTAP ?

> Precision-Fit trays can be remolded or refitted as necessary to achieve the perfect fit.

> The adjustable design creates active patient participation in therapy, promoting compliance and success.

> Midline advancement provides the patient the ability to achieve the ideal treatment position

> The simple design and ease of use makes it an affordable option to treat snoring

> An AM Aligner comes with every myTAP to help offset potential bite changes

> The myTAP can be titrated in the sleep lab

> Patient can titrate the myTAP at home and then return for a follow up sleep study

How does myTAP help grow my business?

By offering the myTAP, you can tap into a pre-existing group of patients who need an effective treatment solution.

> Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea is one of the fastest growing markets.

> 1 in 4 of of the population* has some degree of sleep disordered breathing.

> Approximately 50% of diagnosed patients are non-compliant or forgo traditional treatments (like CPAP) altogether.

> Can be an alternative treatment for CPAP users.

> Affordable treatment for patients paying with cash or who have a high deductible.

> A way to treat patients who changed providers due to Medicare contracts.

How does myTAP work?

> The myTAP advances and stabilizes the mandible preventing the soft tissues of the throat and tongue from collapsing into the airway, which causes snoring and sleep apnea.

> The adjustment mechanism is attached to the lower tray and is threaded through the adjustment post of the upper tray.

> An adjustment dial is screwed onto the end of the threaded adjustment mechanism allowing the patient to adjust the mandible forward. 

> The myTAP hardware allows the patient to control the treatment position with incremental advancements as needed.

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