Medication Compliance Testing

  • Improper medication use amounts to an expenditure of $200 billion annually and this money is not spent effectively. Surveys of the nations seniors reveal that up to 50% of all prescribed medications are not taken as recommended. Given that 81% of seniors are on at least one medication, doctors are often blind to the actual medications most patients are taking correctly
  • 42.6% of medications are not taken
  • 1.5 million ADRs can be prevented annually with medication management
  • 21.9% of medications taken by patients are not in their medication records

Physicians can never be certain if patients are taking their medications as prescribed. They are also often uncertain if they are taking other medications that may interfere with their prescription medications.

Current methodology relies on the patient having the prescription filled and then a refill being ordered. They present typically with their ‘brown bag’ of medications to the physicians office which is then reconciled with the patient chart. This does not answer the question of whether the medication has been taken, or taken in the correct dose. In addition, patients frequently combine other medications – prescribed or otherwise, that they may or may not disclose.

Medication misadventure is a common problem due to drug to drug interactions or compliance issues and can leave the physcian exposed to liability. The results of medication compliance testing mean that the physician is better armed to make clinical decisions and develop plans to improve medication adherence.

How It Works?

Medication Compliance Testing takes away the guess work with a simple fingerstick blood test that confirms the medications a patient is taking, as well as others the doctor may be unaware of. The test is both qualitative and quantitative.

Using a few drops of blood, 271 commonly prescribed can be detected as well as 30 illicit substances. This includes over the counter medicines that can impact the safety of the patient, as well as drug to drug interactions. The report provided shares concisely if reported medicines are consistent with findings, potential ADRs of moderate to high severity and may uncover other medicines not reported by the patient.

The lab developed test is CAP and CLIA validated and is performed using a n a dried plasma sample, enabling a definitive identification of both drugs and their metabolites.

A fingerstick micro-sampling device is used to collect a few drops of blood. The blood is sealed in the device to ensure effective quantitative analysis. There is no patient preparation required, nor additional equipment. All kits come with all the necessary supplies, instructions.

This solution is ideally suited to Primary Care, Internal Medicine practititioners and a wide range of specialties including OB/GYN, Cardiology, Pain Management, Neurology, Addiction Treatment Centers and more.

Benefits To The Provider

The testing enables ‘truth telling’ for what medications the patient is actually taking. What is and is not in the EHR.

  • The sample is easily collected by a simple finger prick
  • Helps reduce liability
  • Provides a continuum of care to the patient
  • No prep work
  • Aids in Medication Reconciliation and Management
  • Reduced risk of ADR with improved information and transparency
  • Provides easy to read and actionable information

What Patients Can Benefit?

Anyone with poor medication adherence

Any patient on 5 or more medications

Those with 2 or more doctors

Those with uncontrolled diabetes or CVD despite proven efficacy of medications

Patients presenting with drug related adverse events such as delerium or muscle pain

Any patient with 2 or more chronic disease states

Substance abuse patients

How To Get Started

Request a New Account form

Complete the information and return to your representative

Kits mailed to office including requisition forms, supply orders and collection kits

Watch the collection and shipping instruction video

Start collecting samples and send to lab

Reports provided back to the practice via lab portal.


Medication Compliance Testing helps alleviate physcian liabilty when it comes to medication compliance and misadventure. Definitive testing provides accurate information on up to 90% of commonly used medications with a simple finger prick test with results provided in an easy to read and actionable report. Getting started is simple.

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