Medical Waste

A cost saving solution for Medical Waste.


Saving money on everyday needs in your practice is one of the easiest ways to grow your practice profitability. 

Stericycle has been the lead player in the field of medical waste removal for years. As with any major player, pricing can quickly become inflated meaning consumers are made to pay more than is needed based on the value of goods or services that are provided.

Significant cost savings are available for physicians on their Medical Waste solution.


> Order medical waste bins needed based on product

> Bins removed and replaced as needed


Our partner in Medical Waste can provide 30 to 50% cost savings over what practices are currently paying.

Our solution caters to blood, sharps, pathology, cultures and other biological waste, animal waste and any potentially infectious waste and can service any practice, hospital, laboratory, nursing home, dental, or veterinary practice that produces medical waste.


PRACTICE:  Instant cost savings, catering to all medical waste needs within a practice. 

PATIENT: Creates a safe environment at the medical practice. 

Next Steps

> Provide a copy of your last 2 invoices from your medical waste provider

> Receive your quote within 24 hours

> Receive assistance if locked into contract

> Enrol and have your bins delivered!


This service grows practice profitability and safeguards your practice from biohazard waste.