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A suite ofdiagnostic panels for physicians to offer their patients for proactive and accurate detection of disease states and their propensity.

Risk Panels

Relief from Allergies

Providing a complete offer of diagnostic tests for physicians means targeted treatment with accurate outcomes. Partner with a lab that has depth of experience in performing a variety of risk panel assessments including cardiovascular, neurology and pulmonary testing. 

Risk panels provide invaluable information to physicians on patient predisposition for a variety of disease states. These panels are suited to a variety of providers including primary care, internal medicine, paediatricians, cardiologists, pulmonologists, neurologists and more.

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Choose us?

Choosing the right lab for your practice means having peace of mind in receiving timely and accurate reporting, having a testing menu that serves your patients best and access to professional support.

Use a full service, national diagnostic testing laboratory that uses state of the art genetic sequencing and molecular testing. A lab that prides iteself on high quality test results and accurate reporting with a focus on exceptional customer service so you can get the answers you want when you want them.

Cardiovascular Panels

Ideally suited for patients with a family history of cardiovascular, obesity and hyperchromatosis

Verify if the disease is caused by a genetic mutation

Verify the risk of developing cardiovascular disease

Verify whether inheritance is a factor

Determine the risk of passing on to children

Early detection of disease state and future disease management


High degree of genetic heterogeneity and phenotypic overlap

Often the best and most affordable primary care option for diagnosis

Many pulmonary diseases have a genetic predisposition and go unnoticed until disease manifestation
A unique genetic panel that covers all hereditary pulmonary diseases based on science and experience
Customized molecular reports for ease of clinical interpretation


Neurological diagnosis is not simple

Genetic testing offers proper diagnosis and disease management

Reduces the need for more invasive procedures

Covers a wide variety of potential disorders from neuromuscular to seizures and neuropathies

Allows accurate prognosis and treatment guidelines

Many neurological diseases have a genetic predisposition and go unnoticed until disease manifestation.

A Comprehensive


Separate your practice from the rest with a robust suite of laboratory diagnostics and determine the root cause of disease.

We Provide:

Personalized customer service

Quick delivery of the most advanced and accurate results

Your practice grows with us

A robust offer of most any medical lab test 

Paperless system for fast reports

Complex and developed tests

Customizable panels

Clinical expertise with personalized medical plans


Laboratory Solutions

Our proven process is designed for physician and patient success.

Our Options Include:

Comprehensive Genetic Panels



Wound care

Nail fungus

Wellness panels

Routine blood work


Start-up and

How Do I Get Started?

Complete a New Account Enrolment Form and submit it to your Practice Development Manager.

You will receive supplies within 3 to 5 days. Review the process with your staff to help them identify suitable patients for testing. Let your Practice Development Manager know when to expect the first samples so they can ensure that you are set up efficiently right from the start.

Request additional testing supplies at any time.