Offer a convenient payment solution for your patients' out of pocket costs. Competitive rates, no long term contracts or implementation fees!

Offer Your Patients

Convenient Payment Solutions

The Electonic Payments Platform was born out of necessity as the current bill pay experience, specifically in healthcare, is antiquated and difficult for patients to navigate. The goal of this solution is to make healthcare payments SIMPLE.

Believe it or not, approximately 60% of independent medical practices DO NOT offer their patients the ability to pay their medical bills online. This statistic is so important considering that 92% of patients prefer to pay their bills online.

This platform offers a myriad of services to medical practices, focused on simplifying the whole bill pay experience. All of the services are offered ‘a-la-carte’ so that each practice can customize the solution to best fit their needs.

Electronic Payments impact all aspects of the bill pay experience while consolidating ALL payments (online, point of sale, over the phone, virtual insurance reimbursements) into one convenient place.

– Dr. Stine, Stine Chiropractic
PayGround has helped me collect unpaid patient balances, including 60+ day A/R. It was easy for my staff to setup and my patients are taking action in making their payments.


Choose us?

Electronic Payments use a software platform that simplifies bill pay and helps medical practices reduce the friction patients' experience when trying to make payments. With a heavy focus on overall experience, this platform is built with the user in mind. We exist to make things SIMPLE.

Not only does it provide a vehicle to accept credit cards and ACH payments, it also has built in tools that allow providers to electronically request payments, contributing to a 23% increase in patient collections in the first 90 days.

The platform consolidates all payments into one convenient location – online, onsite with a physical terminal or with the easy to use web terminal to manually key in phone payments and virtual credit card insurance reimbursement. Reconciling with only one system dramatically reduces the amount of work for the administrators and staff of practices that adopt this payment system.

As an added bonus, patients' have the ability to create an account, allowing them to receive and pay future invoices with the click of a button. Driven from a personalized dashboard, patients can save multiple payment methods, view past payment history and even add family members, creating a family portal experience.

Increase Revenue?

Practices see an average increase of 23% in patient collections in the first 90 days

Next day funding ensures money goes into your account faster

Reduce days in A/R by communicating with patients electronically using e-invoicing

What To Expect:

Consolidate all payments into ONE system

Improved workflow

2.89% + $0.15 transparent pricing

No implementation fees, monthly minimums or long term contracts

Pay online or in your office

Patient Benefits:

Improved communications and convenience for patients

Creates a positive payment experience

Easily access account information for taxation

Extend the patient experience beyond the office

Start-up and

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is simple. You can find out more through your Practice Development Manager who will coordinate a call with the vendor.

Cut and Paste

Complete the required paperwork

Wait 3-5 days for application approval

Start processing payments and sending electronic invoices

Forms to be completed

Customer agreement

Business associate agreement

Merchant ID application

and Fees

Costs are 2.89% on each transaction and a fee of $0.15

No ongoing fees, contracts or implementation costs

Frequently Asked


Q: How do your rates compare to other credit card processors?

PayGround’s mission is to simplify payments, this includes pricing as well. PayGround charges a flat rate of 2.89% (all inclusive) + $0.15 for credit card transactions and only 1% for all ACH transactions. There are no miscellaneous or hidden fees. PayGround also offers next day funding, paying their customers faster than many of the other processors in the market.

Q: How long does it take to set up an account?

For an individual account, it only takes about 30 seconds and is FREE. Business accounts take between 3-5 business days once the application has been submitted.

Q: Do I have to have a website to use this service?

No, there will be a custom branded payment page for your practice that is in a secure cloud environment. A dedicated URL will be given to each customer so that their patients can easily access their payment page.

Patient And Physician


“PayGround allows me to track all my payments in one place. I can even track my medical expenses and export them come tax time."

– Jenn L.
One of the most professional and knowledgeable practice revenue companies I have ever worked with. The training, testing, and treatment has gone smoother than I could have ever imagined.”
Exceeding Expectations
Sissy, Canyon Vista Bone and Joint
"PayGround has definitely made a positive difference in our workflow and accounts receivable. From the first point of contact, everyone has been professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. I am very pleased with my overall experience. Highly recommended!!"
Lasting Satisfaction
– Amber, Preferred Foot and Ankle Specialists
"PayGround has helped our practice immensely in making online payments a breeze. The system is user friendly, and super convenient to have on our website. We couldn't be happier!"

Electronic Payments are an easy way to get more cash back into your practice by offering a convenient payment solution in or out of office.To find out more contact your Practice Development Manager.