Drug free pain relief that works for acute and chronic pain without the agony of ramifications using electrotherapy.



~ Pain is one of the most common afflictions that physicians treat. However, concerns over opioid usage, legal ramifications and inconsistent pain coverage make effectively treating pain difficult.

~ Patients are equally frustrated by the seeming lack of suitable options as well as incomplete relief with their current medications. Dose and frequency no longer have to apply to medication.



~ Electroceuticals are a growing modality that is offering unprecedented pain coverage for many patients. TENS devices in the past have worked with a singular frequency with limited effectiveness.

~ The Wellness Pro ®, a FDA cleared pain treatment device offers over a million frequencies. These frequencies mimic body signals that help restore tissue damage and modify the electrical language of pain.

~ Patients can experience relief in a single 30-minute session or over multiple sessions. Helpful for fibromyalgia, back pain, migraines, arthritis, trauma related pain and more.

The Benefits


Innovative treatment for difficult to treat pain. Reimbursable and additional revenue streams.


Nondrug pain relief, useful for a wide variety of pain problems. At home units available.


+ Practice must purchase their first unit.

+ Patients experience 30-minute treatment(s) in the practice.

+ Billable for the practice using suitable TENS coding.

+ At home units available to be sold to the patient.

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