COVID-19 Employee Screening

Ideally suited to employee screening for COVID-19

Employee Screening

For COVID-19

COVID-19 screening and testing is imperative for employers to safeguard their employees and for continuity of business. Large scale testing is an important step in the rapid deployment of this style of screening. This screening test is a PCR Test (the gold standard in testing) and is provided at an affordable price. Testing is sold in multiples of 24 and is ideally suited for screening at workplaces, schools or colleges. This method is called 'Pool Testing'.

A company employee is trained by the lab to administer the tests. Employees are registered on the lab portal and provide employer consent to receive their results. Employers access a dashboard to the results so they can see who has been tested as well as their results.
Each 'Pool' test consists of 24 saliva samples which are all collected on the same day and shipped to the lab. The lab provides the results. Any positive results mean a second PCR test will be done (at no additional expense to the employer) to identify the infected employee. Employers are notified of any positive results.
The cost of each test is $45.00 and is run through a high complexity CLIA accreditied lab.