Liquid Amnion Membrane

Heal wounds with breakthrough Regenerative Medicine


Obesity, ageing and diabetes are increasing the prevalence of slow to heal wounds placing patients at risk of infection and amputation. Over 6.5 million patients are affected by chronic wounds. 

Physicians are frequently challenged with the difficulty in treating non-healing woulds and typically refer these patients to podiatrists or wound centers. 

Allograft is an excellent add on to any physician looking to expedite healing in patients that have non healing wounds and saves patients from potentially life altering surgeries. Surgical patients and trauma injuries can also benefit from this breakthrough treatment, reducing healing times, pain, scarring and infection. 


Practice: Relieves the frustrations of slow and non-healing wounds with a profitable, cutting edge wound dressing. Offer your patients accelerated healing and reduced scarring post-surgery.

Patient: Non-healing wounds can now heal, avoiding potential amputations and regaining skin integrity. This can alter the course of a patient life and significantly improve outcomes. Reduced pain and infection.


The amnion membrane has a single layer of amnion cells fixed to collagen rich mesenchyme with applications that suit dermatology, opthalmology, ENT, surgical, orthopedics, trauma, dental and wound care. 

Amnion membrane is a rich source of bioactive factors – growth factors, cytokines and proteins. These factors are involved in wound healing and have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fibrotic and re-epithelialization properties. 

When applied to a wound, tear or trauma, the growth factors and bioactive components activate tissue membranes and stimulate growth of new cells. The tissue is self-differentiating and stimulates new skin, bone or muscle cells based on where it is applied. Would closure of diabetic ulcers can occur within weeks. 


> No upfront costs or need to hold stock.

> Order dressings as needed.

> Membrane dressings are quickly and easily applied. 

> Receive billing assistance to safeguard reimbursement. 

Next Steps

> Complete an account application

> Order when needed

> Training provided on billing and documentation


This program provides a potentially life altering solution for patients with non-healing wounds. Provide would healing that works, stop amputations, reduce healing time and increase practice revenues.