A new option for practices that care for Personal Injury patients to be paid upfront on Accounts Receivable.

Restore balance to

Your Practice Cash Flow

Practices that work with Personal Injury or Workers Compensation patients have a unique impact on their cash flow. Payments are often slow and unpredictable as some claims are never paid. The lag time between payment of Personal Injury claims and the provision of services can create huge
liabilities for these practices.

Physicians already have so many things to consider when caring for patients and their business.
Using Accounts Receivable Funding can provide peace of mind and certainty to a businesses cash flow and help relieve the burden of lengthy wait times for payment.

We work with a sophisticated funding partner that provides a reliable cash flow to your practice with medical- lien funding. This helps restore cash flow balance to your practice without the uncertain payment amounts or sometimes, nonpayment.

- Funding Group
Partnering with us can provide more reliable cash flow, cleared lien A/R records, and eliminate the risk of non- or unknown payments.


Choose us?

Your funding partner can buy the debt outright or work with your practice to help you appear self funded to your patients. Your finance team will provide a sophisticated and time-proven assessment of your underwriting needs and determine the validity of legal claims. The flexibility of this service allows you to maintain existing relationships with the attorneys you work with.

Purchase rates are up to 40% of billed charges.

Increase Revenue?

Instantly get cash back into your business with expedited funding

Avoid lengthy wait times to be paid

Have your debt bought outright or receive a negotiated advance against existing balances.

What Else is Offered:

Sophisticated and time proven underwriting

An in-depth analysis of A/R liens detailing the strength of the financial future of your PI practice

Retain your direct relationships with your attorneys with flexible servicing

Patient and Practice Benefits:

Improve your focus on patient care with peace of mind

Monetize receivables without selling them if you prefer

Leverage your assets for strategic growth

Predictable payments on often unpredictable PI receivables

Reduce administrative overheads

Start-up and

How Do I Get Started?

A HIPAA BAA is signed

Determine the best solution – Advance or Purchase model

Provide as complete a set of data as possible – prefer multi year

An analysis is provided and offer made for both Purchase and Advance models

Review contract and data validated

Begin final validation and compliance checks

Advance Model

Montetizes your AR without selling them

No Funding Group involvement is settlement

Provider maintains control of settlement

Keep a larger % of your Receivables total settlement

Leverage assets to fuel strategic growth.

Benefits of Selling Receivables

Guaranteed fixed amount of up front cash

Provider does not need to manage settlement negotiation

Predictable payments on unpredictable PI receivables

Reduced overheads

No risk on lost cases

Frequently Asked


Q: Why should I use AR Funding?

AR Funding gives your practice certainty over cash flow to relieve the burden of unreliable and uncertain payments. AR Funding also reduces administrative burden on your staff, freeing them up from chasing up claims and settlement negotiations.

Q: What if I do not want to sell all my debt?

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Q: What else do you offer?

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Q: Are Immunotherapy And Allergy Testing Covered By Insurance?

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To Find Out More

Contact your Practice Development Manager.