frustrated doctorOne of the biggest gripes patients have with their doctors is the large out of network bills they receive for their lab services. In the average physicians office as much as 40% of laboratory billing occurs out of network.  In the state of New York it can be as high as 90%. This leaves patients often receiving $300 to $8000 bills in the mail and feeling extremely upset and dissatisfied with their physician. 

The strain on this relationship can be enough to cause patients to have a bitter taste in their mouth and  to distrust any further testing the doctor orders.  Sometimes the patient is so distressed they seek out a new physician.

Physicians gripes include threats they receive from  health insurance providers to pull their contracts if they continue to send their lab work out of network. Often times physicians don’t know where to turn when it comes to seeking in network services. When patient care should be a doctors primary concern, this added strain does little to enhance this!

Continuing scrutiny on the health care spend dollar is resulting in doctors, insurers and patients to think twice before they order tests, pay for them or have them performed. With the health care dollar also looking set to explode with the aging and obese population, spending will be under investigation. Accountable care is doing just that, becoming more accountable.happy patient and doc

High laboratory bills can now be a thing of the past.

A new provider has come to the rescue with a solution that ensures patient laboratory services are provided in network, with patients likely to receive only a small bill of $10 to $50, if any. This solution provider has over 10 000 contracts in place with health insurance companies ensuring over 90% coverage for in network billing. This is a guarantee for physicians to retain their patients and avoid the frustration that lab bills incurred in days past.

Further gripes from the physician include reports the lab generates and does not share with the physician and therefore never end up making it into the patient charts.  In network lab services provide either an Efax straight to the office or portal access to enable physicians direct access to the information they seek, efficiently. 

Laboratory services available in network include general blood chemistry and  blood allergy panels. Toxicology where a 13 to 17 panel test is run and provides sufficient information for the physician and the efficacy required to make accurate patient assessment. Pharmacogenetics are also available to enable physicians to truly tailor drug therapy to their patients and minimize the occurrence of adverse reactions, further enhancing patient care.

If you are looking to enhance your patient experience by minimizing laboratory billing, improving reporting and avoid threats from health insurance providers then contact or one of our Certified Ancillary Consultants to find out more. Your office can be up and running with this solution in as little as 2 or 3 days.